Our clients know this:who try this,know it.

Attention to everything after,during and before the working progress rapresents a garancy for our clients,confident that hard work process based on reliability and quality

Rigorous quality controlo and selections are effected on the finished product,as a testimony of the success of our work: nothing escapes the human eye of our team

The goal is to always satisfy the customers needs,to ensure efficiency in view of continuos process improvement,collaboration between individuals in order to strenghtmen the resources adn productvity

Quality is a sinonim of research adn innovation.To produce quality leather is a continuos challenge,there requires the reliability that the customer deposits us

To ensure that the quality of our leathers will greeted andrecognized during the time,it organized many different test like:

Control Tests in our laboratories

Xeno test

Flexometer Test

Tensile Test

Test Wrenches

Migration test

Veslic Test

Drop of Water Test

Why choose us?
From the beginning ,the GAMA TANNERY it makes use of this fundamental pillars for the entire production cycle as hallmark of the personalization of the our product adn thans also the expenciered staff, it is specialized in the processin of ovo-goat hides for footwear and leather goods,without neglecting the committent required for clothin
All the articles,follow a rigorous process of tanning in order to get the best leathers for subsequent processing accordin to samples reuired from the most demanding customers,done by means of:
-Chrome Tanning
-Vegetable Tanning
-Free Metal Tanning
The latter,very important for the our tanning industry,because it's set up on the market with a particoular attention at the environment and of human resource,in a set of a environmentally sustanable development,and talking about workings,it's able to do at the leather the same compactness of the chrome tanning.
At the process there are many providers with the objective to develop non only the classic articles but also revolutionary adn innovative styles adn trends adn to obtain always perfoming results adn always different effects,like printed leather,rolled one,carved one,towel-dried hides,with laser engraving,and other request.

Siete delle persone di una gentilezza e cordialita' fuori dal comune e dotate di un'ottima competenza in questo settore

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