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GAMA srl is tannery industry situated in the tanning district of Solofra,spacialized and really famous in the world for the tanning of sheep adn goats leathers for clothing,footwear adn leathers goods.

It born in the september of 2012,from the idea of Francesco Giarletta only administrator of nowdays,that with willfulness,sacrifice adn strong spirit of his personal experience of over 30 years on the guide field,today,with the hel of his son Gabrielemthis young but dymanic industry, both in internal market that in external


Our company,it's a tannery industry that it has a rilevant operative structure,extendend on a complessive surface of 3500mq (willin on a unique level adn completely covered) equipped with own tubs for the depuration of the waste water, 22 drums of different load capacity adn 3 sparays of different size and equipped with many machines for the processing. It occupies an organiz of 15 specialized staff,that allow it to obtain better productive results. Higher than the average of the direct competitors

Solofra is an Italian town of 12,503 inhabitants in the province of Avellino in Campania. It is one of four major Italian pole for the processing of leather. The tanning district of Solofra covers an area of 60 km² circa.Questa area is specialized, from a production point of view, in the tanning of sheep and goat skins, for a total of about 400 companies operating in the sector including tanneries, garment manufacturers and contractors , 4000-4500 employees and an average annual turnover of 1,500 million euro
The Tannery Industry is an industrial sector that produces leathers adn skin recovering adn valorizing a sub-product of the food industry:raw animal skin from the slaugheter The Italian Tanning Industry is historically considered mondial leader for the high qualitative and tecnologic develop,the high environmental commitment and the innovative capacity in terms of stylistic items contained
Prehistoric man noticed thath the skin of the animals thath he hunted for feed shouls serve him to protection by atmosferic events.So the tanning industry is as ancient as the man adn this help us to understand why till nowdays the man has a so strict relationship between the leather adn the skin.
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Chrome Tanning 85%
Vegetable Tanning 90%
Free Metal Tanning 95%
Professionality 100%
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